Monday, 30 January 2012

The season comes to an end.

I had a lot of fun with my mom when she came out here.  It was only for eight days, but we tried to fit in everything we could.  I wish my Grandma and Grandpa could have came out as well, but it just wasn't able to happen.  Would have been nice to see the girl as well.
Below are a few pictures from the Australian Zoo.  Now I usually don't like zoo's, because all the animals just sit there, and it's not too much fun to look at an animal when it's doing nothing.  This one is amazing!  Some of the shows they put on are unreal, you can just walk around with kangaroos and pat a koala!  Definitely worth the $60 it costs to attend!!
Alexis Brudnicki, Mom, and I with the Irwin Family Statue
I guess they eat Eucalyptus plants and it makes them high, so they sleep about 18 hours a day. Rough Life!!
Mom and I on the Brisbane River
Our season is over. We ended up one game short of the playoffs. Which sucks, because I was really having a good time playing out here, and I think our team was getting hot at just the right time, but we just couldn't pull it off.
The Bandits last team talk
So now, I've been just hanging around here with my host family The Pinders, and Alex Maestri. 
Dave, Carla, Emma and Toby Pinder with Alex Maestri and Sean Jarrett
There is a great article on my host family here on the bandits website.
Alexis Brudnicki wrote a bunch of articles for us this season, and did a very good job.
Here are some of the ones that mentioned me: 1  2  3  4  5  6

So I am still throwing to keep my arm in shape for next season, hoping that an MLB team comes calling. Also I am trying to enjoy my last week or two here in Australia. Unfortunatally it has been raining here for the past 5 FIVE days in a row. We might get an hour or two that it stops, but then it starts pouring again!!  Brisbane had a terrible flood just last year, so I hope it's nothing like that.  Here is a picture of last years flood. It's the view of where was at for New Years Eve, except you cant see where I was standing. 

Great way to end my stay here in beautiful Australia huh?! I wouldn't want to spend it on the beach or anything, looking at this guy!
I would actually prefer this:
I'll be back in the states once I get my fill of Australia. Can't tell you when that will be though. Hope all is well!

Oh and here is a list of a few Australian words and terms that were very new to me:

Esky - Cooler
Stubbie - Bottle
Stubbie Cooler - Koozie (To keep your hand warm while you hold your cold beer)
Tin - Can
The Dull - Welfare
Carton (Kaa-ton) - case of beer
Seppy - An American, septic tank, full of shit.
Heap - A Lot
How'd you pull up? - how did you recover
(When my coach asked me that I replied, 'I took the bus today.')
The Mexican Wave - The Wave at sporting events
Do-na - Blanket


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  1. Wonderful Sean. The zoo was indeed amazing in Australia. The River ride was wonderful and thanks for not putting any pics of me from the Noosa Beach which was absolutely beautiful. The beach that was so much fun fighting the waves. After I figured out how not to drink so much sea water. I love you honey. Enjoy.